Adoption of technology against cost customer satisfaction and competition

Adoption of technology against cost, customer satisfaction and competition

Innovative technologies are being released to the market more frequently today than in the recent past. Some of the technology is expensive and efficient. Others are expensive and less efficient. It is a little difficult for businesses to strike a balance between the use of technology and the price of goods and services. Unfortunately, many consumers appreciate the use of technology but still wish to pay a reasonable price for it. Some companies have been known to employ the use of the best technology, but they do not have enough clients for them to break even because they have outpriced themselves. How then is a company supposed to strike a balance between efficiency, technology, consumer satisfaction and business competition without sacrificing any of their core values and visions?

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In this article, Bernd Heid discusses changes in technology is last mile delivery and how businesses can strike a balance by investing in technology without compromising consumer satisfaction and business success because of high costs.

How technology influences value addition and competition in last mile delivery

“One of the best parts of the e-commerce journey is the moment that you finally get your hands on that long-sought-after, much-anticipated item you ordered. As technology increases customers’ expectations of what they can have, it is also widening their options for how those products get delivered.  However, our previous research shows that customers are not only increasingly demanding but also extremely cost sensitive….” Read more here

Many businesses are today showing concern on the impact their business has on the environment. Consumers are also leaning towards supporting businesses that are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. Some companies are likely to start using Electric Vehicles. Companies which will take this route will gain favor from consumers and this will either increase or reduce competition, depending on how many companies use this option. Companies are always looking out for technology which will reduce their costs which will ultimately trickle down to the consumers.

In this article in, the author gives tips on how businesses can utilize technology to cut costs, improve service delivery and increase client base.

A guide on field service technology investment

“For organizations wanting to improve the efficiency of their field service operations, investment in technology plays a big part in achieving this. For many companies, choosing and implementing a solution can become complex and potential efficiency gains are being missed, meaning organizations are not seeing the full return from their investment.” Read more here

Before investing in any technology, you need to understand your business and its current performance. Find out which loopholes exist and what technology you need to use to seal them. By identifying problem areas, you will narrow down to which technology is most urgent. You can then periodically introduce more technology as you observe the impact the investment has had on service delivery and client satisfaction.

 In this article, Ranga Rajagopalan discusses software technology in the delivery of service, its importance as well as arising challenges.


How cloud services have influenced business IT networks

“The flexibility of the cloud has driven IT to look closely at opportunities to replicate that agility in their own infrastructure and operations. Automation initiatives have optimized many layers of the computing stack, but application delivery services remain a last-mile problem as network teams find themselves hamstrung by inflexible legacy architectures.” Read more here

Cloud services have changed how the IT departments in companies run. Information is now centrally available to everyone allowed to use the system. The use of cloud services has resulted in the security of data and improvement in the accuracy of information. Companies are now able to make decisions based on the available data without having to go through thousands of reports due to the centralized system. Unfortunately, even with systems such as cloud being utilized, companies still face challenges in the last mile delivery of applications due to rigid practices where changes in the supply chain are restrictive.

As companies embrace the use of technology in service delivery, cost and effectiveness are of importance. When selecting which technology to use, businesses need to decide what their most urgent need is. Technology also needs to be supported for its functions to be fully appreciated by the company. Unfortunately, some business owners worry about relinquishing some of the control they have to technology. This has created some setbacks which have led to the under-utilization of available technology.

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