Importance of the Business Intelligence Feature in ERP Solutions

Technology has changed how businesses are run. It is critical for business owners to appreciate the value technology will have in the different segments of the business. MSC Consulting ERP solutions can be tailor-made to suit the needs and demands of the business. Business intelligence features have benefited enterprises, especially those that offer online services.

Flexible Reporting Solutions

One of the advantages of ERP solutions is readily available reports. Some ERP solutions give you options on the format you would like to get the report. For example, if you have various products and would like a simplified format in which to compare notes and see the products that are selling well, and those that are not, you may request for a report in an excel format. A report in Microsoft Excel format allows you to manipulate the report by coming up with a design you find easier to use and understand. You can, therefore, easily write and edit reports, and spend less time pulling data and more time analyzing and interpreting the information.

Ranking of Reports

As a business owner or manager, it would be best for you to know sections of the business that are productive, and those that are under the water. Knowing the worst performing facets of the company will help you to find solutions as soon as you realize something is wrong. It is easier to look at your business from multiple dimensions before making decisions on the products you sell, marketing campaigns, and customer service.

Future Projections

Every business has a vision and a mission. It would help if you had goals of where you would want your business to be in two or five years. The business intelligence feature makes it possible for you to analyze the current state of the business, and where you expect it to be in the future. It is easier to look at the risks and rewards based on current performance. You will be ready to plan better when you have all the data you need for future projections.

Executive Decisions

Often, the executive in companies waits for reports from the subordinates before they make decisions. Unfortunately, this can sometimes take time. The business intelligence tools in ERP solutions have an executive dashboard where management gets summaries and reports promptly, based on the current state of the business. The illustrations, in the form of graphs and charts, also make it easier for business owners to make informed decisions, at any time, based on facts.

Detailed Operational Reports

It is sometimes challenging to determine employee productivity. ERP solutions offer business intelligence features which show the daily reports of employee performance. For example, employees in charge of marketing, especially social media, will file reports of the feedback they receive daily, and the solutions they came up with when they encountered difficult situations. The ERP system has opened the doors for the executive to be more involved in the running of the business. This helps to ensure that employee redundancy is reduced.

The ERP system has become a useful part of businesses in Singapore. There are different types of software that have been introduced to the market, with effective business intelligence features that have simplified business management and made it possible for business managers to make timely and smarter decisions based on the available information.





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