Things to consider when investing in field service technology

Things to consider when investing in field service technology


As technology continues to evolve, it has become vital for companies which have field service to keep up with the trends. Clients always appreciate a more efficient company which will serve them better. They always notice when a company employs new technology in service delivery as they too keep up with the changing trends. It may not always be possible to introduce every changing technology at the same time. The business owners need to decide which technology is of more use presently and which ones can be added in the future. This can be determined based on the benefits the technology will have on the running of the business. For example, does the company need to go for paperless technology to reduce the cost of paper or does it need to find solutions to its cash flow problems due to delay in payments?

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In this article, FieldAware discusses some of the areas of consideration when choosing which field service technology to use.


Changing trends of field service technology


“’For organizations wanting to improve the efficiency of their field service operations, investment in technology plays a big part in achieving this. For many companies, choosing and implementing a solution can become complex and potential efficiency gains are being missed, meaning organizations are not seeing the full return from their investment.” Read more here


It is normal to be skeptical when new technologies are introduced especially if as a business, you are comfortable with the way things are. Maybe you feel technology is changing too fast and you are yet to realize optimum benefits of technology you recently introduced. Sometimes the new technology will work better than the last one. It is overwhelming to add new technologies especially if this means continuous training of staff. However, once adopted, some of these technologies give businesses the leap needed to grow from a struggling business to a successful, efficient one.


In this article, RazorSync focuses on the possible future trends of field technology.


Future possibilities of field service technology


“Technology is transforming the world all around us. From the way we communicate and engage with customers and clients to tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and reaching goals, technological advances have changed the fundamentals of what it means to conduct business well. Because mastering the use of integrated technology has become so critical to achieving success as a company…” Read more here


Employees in the field service industry always endeavor to keep up with the changing trends. They want to remain competitive in the job market. Adapting to new technologies helps them to build their skills. If a business does not want to lose their employees to companies effecting changes in how they run their operations, embracing field service technology is vital. Envisioning some of the possible changes such as the use of drones, Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices will help companies to adapt when the future of field service technology comes calling.  


Emma Newman, in this article, discusses the importance of having the right tools in addition to having the right personnel in the right positions for field service to be run effectively.


The relationship between consumer brand loyalty and field service technology


“Field service management is a huge playing field with some pretty big players. Typically, when organisations talk about field service management they talk about having the right person in the right place at the right time with the right information. But what about ensuring that they have the right tools? Leadent Solutions’, Emma Newman asks…” Read more here


Just as companies value return loyal clients, they also remain faithful to their service providers. However, is relying on one brand, especially the large ones, mean the consumers receive value? Are the brands well known for their software and field service tools offering the best or are there small rising entities which provide better but their only fault is they are not well known in the field service industry? It is crucial for businesses to explore available technologies and even give small businesses a chance based on tools offered. Many companies miss out on tools available in the market because they are more focused on the brands they are loyal to instead of being faithful to emerging technologies which will improve the quality of service they offer.


Technology in the service industry is changing extensively. It is essential for businesses which develop the emerging technologies to be innovative enough to remain relevant in the market. Likewise, companies which need and use the emerging technologies should consider their needs even as they choose which piece of technology is most important for the business. This way, the end consumer and all firms that are part of the chain benefit from emerging field service technology.

Adoption of technology against cost customer satisfaction and competition

Adoption of technology against cost, customer satisfaction and competition

Innovative technologies are being released to the market more frequently today than in the recent past. Some of the technology is expensive and efficient. Others are expensive and less efficient. It is a little difficult for businesses to strike a balance between the use of technology and the price of goods and services. Unfortunately, many consumers appreciate the use of technology but still wish to pay a reasonable price for it. Some companies have been known to employ the use of the best technology, but they do not have enough clients for them to break even because they have outpriced themselves. How then is a company supposed to strike a balance between efficiency, technology, consumer satisfaction and business competition without sacrificing any of their core values and visions?

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In this article, Bernd Heid discusses changes in technology is last mile delivery and how businesses can strike a balance by investing in technology without compromising consumer satisfaction and business success because of high costs.

How technology influences value addition and competition in last mile delivery

“One of the best parts of the e-commerce journey is the moment that you finally get your hands on that long-sought-after, much-anticipated item you ordered. As technology increases customers’ expectations of what they can have, it is also widening their options for how those products get delivered.  However, our previous research shows that customers are not only increasingly demanding but also extremely cost sensitive….” Read more here

Many businesses are today showing concern on the impact their business has on the environment. Consumers are also leaning towards supporting businesses that are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. Some companies are likely to start using Electric Vehicles. Companies which will take this route will gain favor from consumers and this will either increase or reduce competition, depending on how many companies use this option. Companies are always looking out for technology which will reduce their costs which will ultimately trickle down to the consumers.

In this article in, the author gives tips on how businesses can utilize technology to cut costs, improve service delivery and increase client base.

A guide on field service technology investment

“For organizations wanting to improve the efficiency of their field service operations, investment in technology plays a big part in achieving this. For many companies, choosing and implementing a solution can become complex and potential efficiency gains are being missed, meaning organizations are not seeing the full return from their investment.” Read more here

Before investing in any technology, you need to understand your business and its current performance. Find out which loopholes exist and what technology you need to use to seal them. By identifying problem areas, you will narrow down to which technology is most urgent. You can then periodically introduce more technology as you observe the impact the investment has had on service delivery and client satisfaction.

 In this article, Ranga Rajagopalan discusses software technology in the delivery of service, its importance as well as arising challenges.


How cloud services have influenced business IT networks

“The flexibility of the cloud has driven IT to look closely at opportunities to replicate that agility in their own infrastructure and operations. Automation initiatives have optimized many layers of the computing stack, but application delivery services remain a last-mile problem as network teams find themselves hamstrung by inflexible legacy architectures.” Read more here

Cloud services have changed how the IT departments in companies run. Information is now centrally available to everyone allowed to use the system. The use of cloud services has resulted in the security of data and improvement in the accuracy of information. Companies are now able to make decisions based on the available data without having to go through thousands of reports due to the centralized system. Unfortunately, even with systems such as cloud being utilized, companies still face challenges in the last mile delivery of applications due to rigid practices where changes in the supply chain are restrictive.

As companies embrace the use of technology in service delivery, cost and effectiveness are of importance. When selecting which technology to use, businesses need to decide what their most urgent need is. Technology also needs to be supported for its functions to be fully appreciated by the company. Unfortunately, some business owners worry about relinquishing some of the control they have to technology. This has created some setbacks which have led to the under-utilization of available technology.

What is Home Automation?

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is defined as a process or system (using different methods or equipment) which provides the ability to enhance ones lifestyle, and make a home more comfortable, safe, and efficient. Home Automation can link lighting, entertainment, security, telecommunications, heating, and air conditioning into one centrally controlled system. Automation allows you to make your house an active partner in managing your busy life. Your automated home is no longer a passive structure. Instead, it becomes a tool in helping you make the most of your time, enhancing your safety and security, even saving you money on your energy bills.

How does it work?

A central microprocessor (computer) receives signals from controlling devices, then forwards those signals to the appliances and systems in the house you want controlled. The central processor serves as a traffic cop by initiating and/or routing communication signals, panic buttons, TV screens, computers, telephones, hand-held remotes, or other devices.

Total Home Automation wiring adds approximately 3% value to the home.
Total Home Automation wiring covers all avenues of voice, data, and video applications in one cabling distribution system.

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How Kei Came About

Description of kei

KEI Telecommunications, a privately held corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, provides networking services to private and public businesses and organizations on a national level.These services include the consulting, design, and installation of voice and data structured cabling infrastructures, wireless networks, wireless broadband, telephony, video, and audio systems.

KEI Telecommunications is in the business of building long term business relationships based upon a foundation of honesty and service excellence. We strive to provide the best service, support, and response times available in the marketplace.

KEI Telecommunications wants to be your business partner, working along side you, assisting you at every turn. At KEI, we strive to earn your business every day, on everything we do.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become known nationwide as the premiere provider of data & voice services from the design stages, installation process, to end user training applications. KEI strives to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing the highest quality products and services with personalized attention. Consistency of quality is the standard we have and continue to set on a daily basis. To insure that level of quality we must first fully understand what is required as well as desired, and second, understand what is needed to accomplish those goals. Only then may we protect your investment, maximize your productivity, and prepare you for the demands of the future.

KEI Telecommunications brings a level of commitment to excellence in communications unmatched in the USA. We are committed to helping you extend your performance, strengthen your productivity, increase your profits, and improve your service. Choosing the right company for your information technology solutions is imperative. We adhere to a plan that the client and KEI can agree upon from the beginning, one that is monitored and revised when necessary, given changing opportunities and objectives.

Quality Control Statement

Our goal is to provide quality communications products and services that enhance office productivity. Quality is the foundation of everything we do at KEI . Quality begins and ends with every employee working together as a team to satisfy our customers. We strive continuously to improve satisfaction by understanding the needs of our customers, by providing quality products at competitive prices, and by striving to do the job right the first time, and every time. We partner only with manufacturers that share out commitment to quality and excellence. This is your assurance that the highest quality levels are always maintained and audited, and that processes for continuous improvement have been implemented. We’re dedicated to providing unsurpassed service and support to help protect the customer’s investment in communications equipment. With our own full-time staff as well as a nationwide network of authorized partners, we are well equipped to respond to the unique needs of our customers. Our partners have been specially trained and certified to sell, install, maintain, and support our products, as well as provide knowledgeable assistance to our customers.